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Welcome to the Breakthrough Brand Podcast, hosted by Elizabeth McCravy.

Every Tuesday, you'll find workshop-style trainings that teach you how to stand out online, design success from the inside out, and create a breakthrough business.

It’s time to turn viewers into raving fans and design the business and life of your dreams. Let's do this! 

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latest episodes

a week behind the scenes of my life & business! (Get the inside look!)


In this episode, I’m walking you guys DAY BY DAY through a week behind the scenes in my life and business. In the morning, I tell you about my morning routine and what’s on the agenda for the day, and in the evening I recap what happened. I LOVE these types of episodes because there’s so many hidden lessons in someone’s day to day life. And, I hope you can learn something through looking behind the scenes at mine.

Why You Shouldn’t “Charge What You’re Worth”


We often hear people tell us to “charge what you’re worth” or “they are not paying you what you’re worth.” But, is your worth correlated to your business pricing? Are you the same as your business? Nope. I’m here to debunk these statements, show you WHY this doesn’t work. I’m sharing

Marriage, Money, & Entrepreneurship – An Interview With My Husband!


I’m so excited to have my incredible husband, Adam, as a guest on today’s podcast! Y’all are going to love this conversation about personal finance, budgeting, saving, tithing, and all things money. We had so much fun recording this, and we hope you gain so much from the financial tips we share!

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I'm a website designer, marketing strategist, and your podcast hostess! I left my first post-grad corporate job to start my business at the age of 22. Since then I've been able to create a business that gives me creative freedom, so much JOY, and provides an income more than tripled the salary of my corporate job.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my husband (and high school sweetheart), Adam. When I'm not working you’ll find me baking sweet treats in the kitchen, reading mystery novels, or going on a hike or walk at a local park. 

hey hey! I'm elizabeth Mccravy.

she's obsessed with...


Created by Eucalypfrom the Noun Project

PICNICS — Give me cheese, bread, wine, and good friends!

Her high school sweetheart husband, Adam!

YOGA — especially the funky poses!

Created by Sean Maldjian

Law & Order SVU — Olivia Benson is my super hero. 

Created by ibrandifyfrom the Noun Project

Rewatching Friends over and over again while reciting the entire episode. 

Created by Jakub Čajafrom the Noun Project

Mystery/suspense novels that you just CAN'T.PUT.DOWN.

Created by Made by Madefrom the Noun Project

Homemade PIZZA!

Created by anbileru adalerufrom the Noun Project

Thanksgiving! It's my favorite holiday!


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major kudos

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—  Courtney D.

"Elizabeth has this natural ability to draw you in & just feel REAL & authentic in a space that is so saturated with a curated, cookie cutter life & business. I'm so appreciative of her honesty, authenticity, and genuine self and now it's a PODCAST!"

— Jena V.

"Inspiring, educational, and get your butt into gear advice! If you’re looking for a DIFFERENT type of biz podcast that really gets at every aspect of running a biz - emotionally, tactically, mentally - I highly recommend!"

— Teresa W.

"Elizabeth gives thoughtful & practical tips that will help you take your business & branding to the next level. She also comes from a place of transparency so you're going to leave inspired!"

— @DrawerNumberOne

"If you are a business/brand and looking for fast, clear and practical tips to grow and thrive, you’ll love this podcast!"

— Kasey B.

"As a business owner myself, Elizabeth automatically made me feel connected to her & her story! It's so comforting to know you're not alone & that you can be just as successful as someone like Elizabeth."

—  @Keleigh1213

"I've been waiting for someone like Elizabeth to come along & share her wisdom — her tips are actionable & deliver an 'Ah-ha' moment every time."


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